How We Work

When you engage us to act as your outsourced finance team, we not only provide financial and business support, but in conjunction with our wider community of legal experts and tax advisers we also assist you with legal matters, human resource management, administrative and other operational support issues.

This allows you to concentrate primarily on your core business activities.

To fulfill this role we offer our team at highly competitive rates, offering the benefit of our experience without you being encumbered with the demands of employing a full-time department.

Working with us
Outsourcing is ideal if you’re an established company looking to find a more cost efficient way of running your business, or if you’re considering establishing a start-up in Europe and don’t want the burden of a full-time finance department, it can remove the time consuming recruitment and then management of such a department.

Working with someone like us as an outsourced specialist for financial, administrative and operational needs provides you with a solution you can rely on. You get a team of professionals with international experience in financial and business operations. Our service can be as flexible as your operations require. We create a transparent, efficient environment for you to manage your company’s finance in doing all this, we also feel it’s our role to improve your own understanding of business finance.

Fees are computed on the basis of time at hourly rates and are subject to our standard terms of business.

If you are interested in employing our services we’d be delighted to hear from you.