Why do companies use us?

Good question. There could be a number of reasons why companies use us as their Outsourced Finance Team. But here’s what some of our clients have told us.

Complimentary approach - our service can be as flexible as your operations require it to be - the skills we offer can be tailored to enhance your own.

The best of all financial worlds – using us is like having all the benefits of a high-performing finance function, but without the permanent commitment to headcount and associated costs.

Access to expertise – you get a team of professionals with international experience in financial and business operations, on call.

The relevant background – unlike some accountancy firms, the majority of our team have come from commerce and industry. So with us, you know you’re always dealing with someone who has real first hand commercial experience.

Assurance and understanding – together we create a transparent, mutually efficient environment to manage your company’s financial performance.

Opinions – we don’t skirt around issues. We give our opinion, based on our experience and expertise. You won’t find us ‘sitting on the fence’.

Guidance – like a coach, sometimes our role isn’t just to do the finances but also to improve your own understanding of business finance, the tax environment, payroll, VAT and so on.

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